Well here goes

I have just read a blog of a friend of mine that was deep and meaningful, I had already signed up for this blog but it made me stop and think, Woah what am I going to write about. Well rather than put me off I am inspired…. I am going to share with you here some random thoughts and opinions.

Let it be said from the start they are mine and mine alone and I do not profess to tell anyone else how to live their life or what to think so take from it what you will but please don’t take it too seriously.

There may be no thread running through my posts apart from the fact that they will be about thoughts that have passed through my head at some juncture….

As I write this first post I am quite scared…. Someone, somewhere – you are reading this and forming your own thoughts about me. Well hang on to your hats cos it could get crazy….

So until the next time…. Take care, be safe and most of all smile!!

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