Good weekend

All in all this has been a brilliant bank holiday weekend. The pure fairytale of Catherine Middleton marrying her prince through to the gym strongmen doing brilliantly on Sunday at the Yorkshire Strongman comp in Dewsbury. Interspersed with dog walking and horse riding it has been an all-round success.

The wedding was amazing, it really captured the hearts of millions and I amongst many shed a tear more for the realisation of possibility rather than Kate and William themselves. The future of the monarchy seems assured though for me it was never in doubt. Though over the centuries there have been many ups and downs in terms of monarchy – good and bad…… I for one would not swap for a singularly ambitious individual with aspirations to lead a country. For the monarchy it is duty they inherit and undertake out of duty and care for the people of the country rather than one they aspire to for themselves and their own ambitions of power.

It takes a strong person to adopt the role of royalty (although choice is minimal abdication is an option), it takes a strong man to lift a car and 250kg or press 100kg for repititions…. And so roll on the Evolution Team of strongmen. They took on the rest of Yorkshire on Sunday 1st May and roared. A lot of dedication and training lead to personal bests and placings that were well deserved. I was proud to cheer them all on.


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