So what’s in a future

There are times when you have a clear view of where you are going and what you want to achieve or become. These are focused times, though you may not know it when you have visualised and set a goal you subliminally work towards you edge closer to. The prize you achieve mini goals and get that sense of progress and direction.

Whilst these times can be both easy or hard, happy or sad – the goal lends point and direction of travel.

When you hit those times when you have achieved a goal or ambition the following lull of loss of direction and purpose can be hard. So what’s in a future, hope, direction, drive and sense of purpose. Before you achieve one goal set another, know that there will be another mountain to climb and another and another. The summit of each will be just as rewarding and there will be a down side (lull) as every hill has a down and up, but strive on upwards and forwards .


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