Why oh why did I say yes????

Well its 17 days to go to my first obstacle race. It’s the endurer dash in Baslow (or Barlow) I always get them confused. My team of colleagues is a varied bunch of ages and abilities. Some time ago we decided to sign up for a series of obstacle races, the endurer dash – 8km, the Total Warrior 12km? and Tough Mudder 12 miles?

I am signed up for the first two, fully committed and raring to go. However, going back to 17 days to go I am on my 5th run of the year with 3 miles under my belt today – not quite 8km. I have manflu courtesy of my lovely husband and am finding it extremely difficult to breathe on my way around. Today I loved the run it felt the best so far….

Now to the obstacles, to date I have not visited the website for fear of putting myself off. I am confident in all but the landing…. with a glass back like mine I cannot visualise landing after jumping off an obstacle.

When I arrange to go out I sometimes regret it just before I leave the house. On most occasions when I arrive at  my destination the trepidation is forgotten and the outing is a rip roaring success. I am hoping that the endurer dash is the same experience once on the road to the event.

The countdown begins and I will keep you up to date with prep……

IMG_0625 IMG_0642


Well the prep didn’t go too well as I pulled my hamstring so exercise was limited as I rested it in an attempt to make sure I was good to go on the day.

The day arrived it was freezing, horizontal rain and windy. We all arrived in various stages of nervousness at the course, we had all been booked in by Jonathan when we got there which was awesome but the butterflies built. First was the conundrum what to wear, it was cold but how cold would we be when taking part? I went for the double layer on top with my DFAC top under my new team matching t-shirt, no gloves but felt like wearing my big warm winter coat. We hit the start line and joined in the warmup by now nerves turned to excitement. And we were off….

The first section was downhill which led us into a bit of a false impression of how the course was going to be. The first wall too was quite easy. After that we started back uphill. It was a real team event which I haven’t really done for a while and it felt great. After that was pretty much blur I remember some key points. The A frame at the top of the hill freezing, queuing and the slippiest obstacle ever. The monkey bars were slimy and had no grip but i was determined to reach the end woohoo.

The time was not great but as a first stab at an obstacle race I loved it…. we raised some money for the Rotherham Hospice and we now know what to expect for the Total Warrior (or do we?)

the start



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