Easter 2015

So far it’s been a great Easter.

Maundy Thursday in Sheffield with The Queen and Prince Philip. I spent a great couple of hours with my friend and others in the crowd swapping stories, chatting with the police and patiently aaitjnv for our 10-15 seconds of the Queen. I lived it. The anticipation and tension was brilliant.

I for one like the idea if a monarchy sitting above the politicians just keeping them I’m check. Neither party has infinite power die to the existence of the other.  At 89 I think the Queen is inspirational. Born into service she has served us all since long before 1952. I cannot shine the daily pressure of being the Monarch. I am out walking the dog sitting in a bench musing on the week and weekend. I am sure she has her moments of peace and solitude but she remains the Monarch.

The excitement of the crowd was great and to see such a variety of people genuinely excited and happy to be part of it – priceless.

Friday was centred around horses and the gym. Firstly I took Stella up to the horses, fed them, cleared the field and then went to the gym. Injuries aside it was a good session, the gym was busy and there was positivity aplenty. Then in the afternoon it was all about preparing for the Sheffield Half marathon. The course heads out up Ecclesall Road, then Knowle Lane, out along Ringinglow Road and then on a circular route back into Sheffield. Jon is running the marathon next week and wanted to try out the hill section early. Whilst he ran in the drizzle and cold, I, as number one support crew sat in a heated car with a Pink CD and fresh coffee at various points to offer motivation.



On to Saturday, morning in the gym and at the ponies , a little cloudy and drizzly but not bad. In the afternoon off to the caravan and a lazy afternoon of eggs and treats with hubby, yum to both. We walked along the river and saw a small tree creeper. What a beautiful little bird,skiting up and down trees we watched for a while before retiring to our abode.

Sunday morning we were up with the lark, well actually not much sleep, we had forgotten that one side of the caravan seats is shorted than the other and Jon got the wrong side. He kept saying he felt like Alice in wonderland and that he had grown 10 inches but, ponder as we may we couldn’t work out why until much later in the day. Up we were and after breakfast off to Rufford Park. I cannot understand why I had not been there before, the only reason I can see is that to reach this destination you would have to drive past Clumber Park and Sherwood Forrest which would seem such a waste. Pole position in the car park we went off for a wander. 

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