Air fryer love

I am not by any stretch of the imagination a domestic goddess. That said, I do kick out a mean air fried chip.

As a competitive bodybuilder I spend a lot of time on a very structured diet with emphasis on valuable nutrtion. For this reason I have avoided deep fried goodies like chips and wedges. Well, no more. I have invested in an air fryer and the future is filled with chips and wedges, vegetables and even air fried chicken/fish.

I went for the Phillips 


It’s wonderful, with a timer you can cook in relative confidence of not over doing your dinner. 

I like to use red potatoes but also use sweet potatoes, various types of white or white sweet potatoes. Chopped quite tickly they take approx 18 minutes to fry with a spray of olive oil and the addition of some herbs and spices.

I have cooked chicken in the air fryer and roasted some vegs. The only draw back of this smallest of the range of air fryers is the capacity. A friend of mine has two to enable her to cook a full day’s food in one.

With quite a modern look it is not out of place in any kitchen and in the battle for workspace this one is always at the top of my list.

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