VE Day musings

i sometimes sit and contemplate being born in a different country or different era. And, HONESTLY, I wouldn’t relish either. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been born into the family I was, when I was and where I was. 

VE day celebrations this week remind us of the above and what we owe to those who fought for us to be. I can’t imagine being at war or the relief when being told it was over.

I do hope we can keep the memories of such events real in the minds of the following generations in an attempt to avoid any level of recurrence.

Although we have lived a partially peaceful life for so long I believe this has been to some extent because of deterrent. I cannot understand the whole scale reduction in the military and police it does not bode well. There may be great efficiencies to be gained in all these services but gain them rationally. You cannot force a service to become different by decimating it and telling it to change to survive. Show it how and help it – civilisation always hangs on a thread please do not cut it. 

Today’s thoughts captured whilst walking my dog in the sun – lucky!


Just watched the laying of wreaths in memory of the fallen who made VE Day possible. Respect and pride is all I can feel. The Queen represents the country and why they did it, today she looked reverent and the pride of the veterans that she was there celebrating their sacrifice was tangible. 

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