Time Out to Destress

In a hectic work and life schedule we can all forget to take time out for ourselves. We get so wrapped up in doing and achieving that we don’t see a little quiet time as constructive.

With no science attached, from my own experience I have concluded that time outwits nature is essential. 

For years we have been told that sleep is essential for many reasons not least of which is to give our minds a little time to sort out everything that is going on and to file our memories, experiences, lessons learnt and emotions in the right places in our brain. It is said that we can come up with solutions to problems when we are asleep because our brain has time to think ideas through and sort out what seems unfathomable in the hustle and bustle of daily thinking. I agree with this fully.

BUT I also believe that a time out with nature is just as productive and essential. 


Take these two photographs, sit and look closely at the detail in the leaves and the gorgeous colours in the thistle flowers, the detail and enormity of complexity in these plants. After a second you begin to relax and just be awe inspired by their beauty. Now imagine sitting in the field with these thistles and letting the breeze blow through your hair and across your cheek, allowing yourself to revel in this beauty whilst having the smells and sounds that go with it, the birds in the trees, the swish of the corn, the sea like motions and sounds as a backdrop. I can begin to relax and breathe deeper just thinking about it.



Never be afraid to take a time out and appreciate the world we live in, it is mutually beneficial.

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