Reason to date a younger bloke……

Well not what you are expecting I’m sure but reason number 1 is to save you from food poisoning. As I have aged I have begun to lose my 20:20 vision, I have gone through the stage where I needed longer arms and have succumbed to the inevitable varifocals following a dalliance with reading glasses. Today I took a food item from my fridge and was about to cook it for tea when my younger and eyesight blessed other half pointed out it had seen better days. I scoffed at his wasteful attitude to food and unwillingness to use food past its best before date.

Don’t you remember bubble and squeak and lots of hash made with left overs that your mother used to make?

The answer was no and you need to put your glasses on. Well, bless me he was right, with my eyesight assistance in place I could see the discolouration and slightly lost rigidity as rot had set in. 

Suffice to say bad eyesight could do wonders for reductions in wasted food, if not much for gastro health in the middle aged. thank goodness for toy boys!!

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