MotoGP 2015 Pt 1 the journey there…

Sometimes life conspires to provide you with opportunities you should grab with both hands. One of these came my way last week and created a day of memories that will last for a long time.
A friend won tickets to the MotoGP and was unable to go on the Sunday, race day (you kidding? The day you can’t go is race day? Do I want to go? Too right I do! Thank you!)

So, along with Louise we planned our day. Firstly, as any self respecting person on. Their way to a British sporting event, we checked the weather, yes directly from the app on the phone and were encouraged to find that a small shower around 12 would be the only climatic marr on the proceedings. Louise advised me it can get windy on the open aspects of the course so the layering began. Vest, t-shirt, hoody, waterproof and a spare thin hoody for emergencies.

15 minutes after our 6.30 target we left the drive (not bad for me, in fact somewhat of a record). Louise had turned up one minute early ( a worryingly accurate arrival for someone like me). We joined the M1 with its numerous 50 mph stretches of frustratingly quiet roadworks. It is impossible for anyone I know to comprehend why there are such long stretches of speed restrictions whilst no works occur how can it be efficient. This was the catalyst for an interesting conversation about manufacturing, efficiency, lean and kaizen culminating in tetra-pak (note to self to explore this company more fully). The next conversation whilst starting innocently about our current employment ended with a shared imagination of an East European female spy using her highly honed martial arts techniques to break our necks with nothing more than her thighs!! What this says about the films we both watch, literature we read or how our minds work I am not going to dive into but it was a defining moment of our friendship. I now believe that Louise is a soulmate, if I’m thinking it then most probably so is she. 

Although I did remember my “just in case” wee before we set off by Leicester Forrest I needed to go again. After navigating the maze that is the way in to the motorway services car park (why is it always so difficult?) I was met with the most amazing sight.

The castle like toilets were a sight to behold, both inside and out. We both had to test out the texture to check the quality of the design. We were not surprised to find that the effect was created by a sticky back plastic type material lacking the ridges the design encouraged your brain to believe were there. That said, it was brilliant, a full test for the senses and a great release from the monotony of the road. We left feeling refreshed in more ways than the obvious.

Off the motorway and onto the A roads, excitement building, we followed the Google sat nav to beat the crowds. And she did not let us down. Off the beaten track we passed mansions that shouted obscene amounts of cash and cute thatched cottages that rang out of history and stories untold. The village of Shutlanger soon morphed into less desirable titles and the giggling commenced.

On arrival at the camp site parking at the bargain price of £5 I jumped out of the car to retrieve our purses from the boot to pay, it was like a triathlon transition with the car constantly moving to maintain the flow of traffic. Guided to a position near the entrance we found ourselves just 5 mins from the track.

As we walked down to the track we could here the cacophony of bike noise and see the massive sail building. We are going to club announced Louise (my oracle of everything bike). Yeah we made it and the day was about to begin.


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