Taking down the Christmas tree F1 pit stop style

So, when you watch Formula 1 always amazed at how fast those teams of mechanics and pit crew can change a tyre…. They are all ready and waiting for the car to arrive and they know exactly what to do and it what order, they all have a roll and perform it to the best of their ability. It’s all about organisation and breaking events down into their constituent parts . Each part is then looked at to see how it can be quicker and easier to make the whole event more efficient.

Let’s take Christmas. Today is the day I take down my tree, each year the task of putting up the tree seems to take longer and become more onerous. I love the tree and it used to be an event in itself when Elkie and I set about creating a masterpiece, as she got older it was an excuse for a shared glass of wine and a chat, now as she lives in London and just visits it has been relegated to one part of the bigger event of Christmas. 

Let’s look at the steps, I get out the tree, unbox it (each year the box falls further into a state of disrepair and requires more string and sellotape to hold it together) scissors and patience are required in an attempt not to damage the box beyond use. Then I dig out the box of trimmings (all the small green plastic loops have disappeared again) the hanging of baubles and fancies becomes extremely difficult and time consuming trying to stretch the small loop of fishing wire over the branch.

I work from the top hanging baubles that were my grandparents, the ones I have collected on my trips around the world and the ones I have been given by friends. Each one makes the tree a memory tree and extra special. After the baubles comes the tinsel and then putting away all the boxes. It takes an hour or so.

Now imagine this process taking minutes or even seconds from fetching the tree (fake trees only) to fully decorated and sparkling with festive glee. The key is in the taking down.

Step 1.

Fetch the cling film 

Then step 2

Approach the tree


Step three

Wrap the tree from base to tip in cling film, baubles and all

Step 4

Lift tree whole and place in garage or loft.

Step 5

Next year at Christmas retrieve the tree and with scissors remove the clingfilm after placing the tree in its stand and voila!!! Crack open the champers and sit back Christmas is done F1 styli!!!


This is a top Christmas tip, I must admit it did not work for me today as I forgot my tree was in three it’s and it fell apart as I lifted lol. But the picture is for real, my friend Katy (whose idea this is) did it and is now a few seconds away from full decoration at any point. 

The morale is the to be an F1 pit stop mechanic is not easy and takes some real prep. Do your homework and succeed.

Good luck with it, I’m certainly on it next year.

Happy 2016

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