Interesting journeys

On the train sat with the back of my partner towards me in the chair in front, or is it behind? I’m travelling backwards to London and he is in front of me but further away from our destination – so it’s up to you is he in front or behind or both?

The gentleman next to me and his brother and friend are off to London for the weekend for the Classic Car Show at the excel. I heard about this on radio two this morning and it may be an option for us. I made comment that I had heard of this and that there is a comic convention on too at the same location. 

Just two minutes after whilst reading my book I hear – I am going as Jason on Sunday and a Power Ranger tomorrow – I guess a comicon adventurer. I am so jealous that I do not have a costume and an alter ego to change into as I exit the train. Maybe we should venture into the make believe world of comics and let it sweep us off our feet then smooze into the classic cars to see the amazing engineering of a bygone era. 

 This is going to be an awesome weekend ……

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