I’m no critic – Man Up (film)

I have no skill as a critic as I like to look for the good in most things I read, see or watch. If you don’t what is the point in watching, reading or seeing them. So today I have a day off work and I decided to watch a film. I don’t often take time to sit down and do this so I opted for comedy to add humour and smiles to my day ( before I clean the mildew from the ceiling post roof leak – see I’m a realist I know it’s not all laughs and time out). I opted for Man Up with Simon Pegg and Lake Bell, I don’t know why I just did…..

I found it enthralling and amusing to the end. The corniness was brilliant and the rom com love wins through theme never gets old. It’s not an Oscar winner but well worth some time to let yourself go with the flow and take it for what it is.

I particularly liked the silence of the lambs reference, a favourite of mine too. The soundtrack was my era and the geeky awkwardness my style. 

Give it a punt, but remember just cos I liked it doesn’t mean you will cos we are all individuals!! 

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