Australia Day memories

It is nearly 20 years since my first trip to Australia. I had a most epic adventure and met some of the most awesome people. I am sad to say that I have not kept as constant touch as I would like with them all however due to the power of social media I am in touch.

I would like to thank the people the the photos below and some others not shown for helping me to create some excellent lifelong memories that will see me through my lifetime and some more. Each of them helped to create the me I am today for which I will be forever grateful.

My Australia

Red island in the South, so vast and full of life, I ventured to your shore not sure of what I would find,

I found so much more than I was looking for, a friend, a dream, a memory

The people opened up their arms and took me in, one of their own. I owe them much, I hold them dear    kindness and friendship flowing free

Now over time I still recall the massive vistas at every turn, the vibrant swagger and jack the lad. The pride, the family, the open arm. A country to question at every turn and one to which I will return.

I thank you all with all my heart, for the shortest while you made me feel part…. Australia – the country, wildlife, people and art will forever be a part of me!


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