Appreciate the small things

Not everyone is going to win the Nobel Peace prize or discover the Higgs Boson particle but we all do great things and witness great things all the time.

Thinking can sometimes be overrated. It is needed to make better informed decisions and choices in life but sometimes we just need to appreciate what is.

Take the time to smile at the view to appreciate its beauty and how lucky you are to be part of it. 

Listen to the birdsong in a field or your garden.

Watch people go by and imagine what good things they will do today.

Smile at people and more often than not it will get returned. 

If you finish a piece of work take the time to recognise it and congratulate yourself.

Letting someone out at a junction means you have contributed to making their life better for just that split second. 

Just take a minute and see all the great stuff.

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  1. Peter Hayes says:

    Wonderful my daughter. The power of this lies in its simplicity. Dad

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