1. 1000m row

So this week I decided to identify 50 things to do in my 50th year and roped my friends in to come up with ideas. The aim is to make sure I have 50 experiences and memories that I can store and revisit at a later date. That make me appreciate being alive and the world around me.

The first one was easy. The January challenge at the gym was a 1000m row as fast as you could. Well I’ve taken my foot off the pedal lately and am not as fit as I usually am so I was a little fearful.

One chilly Tuesday I took the challenge. If I’m honest it was the 30th January and I had one day left to take part. This is quite funny in that it is one of my main traits that I leave things until the last minute to do them. I then do them to the best of my ability but seem to need that tight time constraint to stop me getting distracted – which is what I am doing right now.

Anyway back to the challenge. I strapped in my feet to the concept 2 rower – when did my feet move further away than I can reach without taking a deep breath? I was still quite scared the effort I would put in.

I stripped off my jumper and under jumper (I am 50 this year, I feel the cold 😳). I was ready.

Ready to go<<<<<<<<<<<

I kept my hat on.

The first 50 metres was not too bad.

After that came every other metre which I felt in my lungs, my back, my legs and my biceps. Rhythm is the key – is it? just keeping going was the key! At 500m I entered the dead zone – my mind was shouting stop ya nutter whilst my body continued to go through the motions of legs, back, arms – row row row.

And they are off .....Pull pull pull


At 800m I could almost taste the end, woohoo I could slay the dragon. At 900 I even thought I may survive the experience. At 1000m I expected euphoria, fireworks, a fanfare of trumpets. All I got was the rasping sound of my own breathing, trying to get in that last gasp of oxygen to fill the void. Emma was telling me how well I had done as I tried to work out if I felt ok. For one gloriously emotional second I thought I had come out of the ride unscathed and then it started. My quads felt solid and on fire, to move them was excruciating, the back of my throat had been flayed with a cat o nine tails until nothing was left, my arms weighed 1000lbs and couldn’t have supported me even if I had tried and my brain was frazzled. I staggered around the gym looking for inspiration. Although the recovery back to being human only took minutes I am still coughing and a little chesty two days later.

Done, in more ways than one <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

ait a minute who says “chesty” these days – aha a soon to be 50 year old that’s who. I keep seeing the signs of my age – the cod liver oil, the muscle bath soak, the big comfy knickers – no wait I have always had those 👍. I think I am going to like doing these 50 things and noting the subtle and it so subtle changes.

Anyway I had done it – I did the challenge and lived. I am, the girl that lived!

4:00 minutes dead on. 2 seconds slower than last year (it tugs everytime I remember that) but heyho more than I expected.

I am off to a flying start.

Note to self, we may need to start actually training for some of these things to ensure I can continue to claim the title of “the girl who lived”. Mind is far stronger than body now – must remember!!


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