Space X falcon heavy

Well I can remember being so excited about watching the first space shuttle launch and wondering at the amazing fest of flying a plane like vehicle there and back.

Today I am just as excited about the launch of the Space X Falcon Heavy rocket. Mainly the image I imagine of the boosters returning to earth and landing. If this does go according to plan it is a thing of my childhood dreams it is a vision of imaginary tv and films – but it will be reality.

Anything we can imagine we can build? I’m not sure but thins will go some way to convincing me.

Elon Musk (inspiring on his own but as a family they are quite something), sending a car and a hanger to a david Bowie into space admittedly for fun. That’s my type of test flight and brings a smile to the face of any sci-fi enthusiast. I, like many, come re him to Tony Stark. I was once told by a futurist that one of the best sources of intelligence as to what we will see in the future is film 🎥. He said that most technological or scientific advancements in films are based on some level or fact or development activity. In this way I wonder if Tony Stark was based on Elon Musk not the other way round.

Since watching the race for space on tv I have become more interested in Mr Musk and his family. They break rules and challenge conventional boundaries. They make ageing exciting, they create possibilities. Today the launch 🚀 of FHR will be another catalyst of change for millions of people.

Good luck Space X and everyone involved. Good luck Elon it’s good to have a dream! Even better to make it reality.

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