List of 50 things

So this year is well underway as it is achievement of 50 memory building things in my 50th year. Here is my list, it’s a moving feast so check back from time to time.

1. Reach 50

2. Ride freckles to Rother Valley3. 50 rides on freckles

4. Go to Vegas

5. Visit the Grand Canyon

6. Visit scotland

7. See a seal

8. Visit Mull

9. Rekindle old friendships

10. 1000m row

11. Visit Hoover dam

12. Route 66

13. Visit a cowboy town

14. Walk on the skywalk

15. Run a marathon

16. 5k at the wildlife park

17. Plant a tree

18. Write a kids book

19. Host a Royal Wedding party


21. Take mum to Rother Valley

22. Gamble

23. Watch the sunrise

24. Stargaze

25. Read a book

26. Bake a cake

27. Spa

28. Meet Elvis

29. Go to the theatre

30. Invent something

31. Make something

32. See a bird of prey

33. Go sea kayaking

33. Canoe on a river

34. Learn how to keep 🐝 bees

35. Set up a hive

36. Host a bodybuilding show for the BNBF

37. Visit a castle

38. Go on a ferry

39. Inspire others

40. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

41. Run Central Park

42. Run the Highline NYC

to be continued

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