Brown Bears 🐻 – 50 things

It’s quite surreal setting off after my usual breakfast on a Sunday August day to see 4 rescued Brown Bears at the wildlife park in Doncaster.

Along with an eclectic throng of visitors I await the gate opening and our first chance to see these bears. Why? Because to me it matters that people are kind and the world works with and for animals and not against them.

Kai first day in the public eye

Kai is the bear out today in an enclosure that has water grass, trees, climbing frames, ramps and hidden treasures of food to be foraged and found. He wanders round exploring – it would be amazing to be inside his head. Although not free and wild this must be like a dream after 17 years in a metal cage with concrete floor

Can’t wait to watch big week at the Zoo and get the full story of the bears.

Getting to see an animal on public day one after rescue ✅- a real honour to be on the list for my 50 things in my 50th year.

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