Summer of 🐝

Well I intended to post regularly about my Bees 🐝 over the summer but it didn’t go to plan. As usual life changes for better and then for worse constantly and we ride the wave on the surfboard of hope.

The bees have been amazing and taught me lots about teamwork and hard work. Thought the summer they have fought against the odds of the weather. I lost a queen (I say lost but I fear it was my beekeeping rookie error that either lost her or killed her) and the colony decided to create another. This they did without a heard word or instruction and implement in the dark. I nurtured the cell and tried to keep my nose out of their business. The resulting queen was beautiful but time proved the weather had not been kind ugh bouts of rain at the wrong moment and she never really started to lay.

As the maturing and mating of the queen all takes time we had progressed through the main thrust of summer by the time I realised she was not going to be the creator of a solid colony. To this end a friend offered a carniolan Queen πŸ‘‘. She was introduced over 5 days in a cage and the ladies took to her. Within another week she had started to lay consistently and since then we have not looked back.

Building up stores for winter has been the goal and now the weather has turned its time to close up for winter. Protect the ladies from intruders in search of warmth and food and keep my fingers crossed until spring.

Let’s be honest about this I don’t keep bees 🐝 I provide a habitat and they stay because they want to. They are free to come and go as they please. The queen does not have clipped wings the idea is if it’s a good place to bee (see what I did there) then I don’t have a concern.

I have learnt so much this year which I can only do better next year so I hope to successfully house two colonies next year and crest a garden and local habitat that promotes their well being.

Einstein once said that if the bees died out the human race would have 4 years to live. I hear that in China pollination has to be done by humans in some areas. Hopefully I can help to stop this in my little corner of the world. The bonus is that the more we create a bee friendly environment the more wild bees we are in the garden too.

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  1. Peter Hayes says:

    R. Your latest pondering was extremely good. Measured thoughtful And wise. P

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