Lockdown Bees

So the start of 2020 has been far from normal. For one month now we have been spectators on a world turned upside down, morphed from something we all knew and understood to a new world that we all must learn how to deal with.

Four years ago my mum had a stroke and overnight my dad became a carer 100%. From free movement he experienced an overnight change. His movement became restricted as mum became 100% dependant upon him to help her achieve all but the most mundane of tasks. Now we all know this feeling, this unforeseen immediate change to our habits.

I now find inspiration and solace in the study of bees. My one colony has survived its first winter and now as the days grow longer and the sun gains the strength to warm the air they venture out on their essential journeys. Like lockdown they take only the trips that will contribute to the survival of the colony (family). Inside the hive they work as one for the continuation of the whole.

On the rainy, cold and windy days they venture out little; they make hay whilst the sunshines. Endangered by our existence I watch them reap the benefits of our current struggle.

Locked in our much reduced areas we have started to appreciate the outside much more. Lots of us are planting seeds and tilling gardens that we would not have done before. The flowers we sow will become the sustenance of our souls when we see the green shoots of new life and bright petals of flowers that promise a brighter future. But they will also represent possibility for the future of bees. They will provide the nectar and pollen that I hope will make this the best year yet for my bees 🐝.

For those reasons I encourage anyone to plant seeds now. Prepare the soil and tend the seeds to represent how we will all emerge from our homes better and brighter people with a new brightness to our nature.

Coming home

I watch the bees return with legs full of pollen some so bright and so heavy that they seem to crash land at the entrance to the hive. March has just finished and we move into the promise of April. I am eager to follow the fortune of my lockdown bees.

Stay safe everyone, summer is on its way.

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  1. peter hayes says:

    R. Beautiful. Profound. Comforting. Helpful. Poetic. I am very proud of you. Dad

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