Lockdown garden 2

So here we are at it again. Lockdown 2 one week in and the garden and it’s inhabitants have become all important once more.

Yesterday was bee feeding day, a patty of fondant to help them ease gently into winter. Although I didn’t take honey from many of the hives the sporadic wet and windy weather towards the end of the season seems to have required them to use up their stores. Thus I try to support them with a little sustenance delivered to their door. Last year I lost a colony to wasps but this year I have managed to keep 5 healthy colonies going into winter. I am excited now for the 2021 season.

Today the bees are actively in and out on cleaning flights and still collecting pollen from some of the bountiful local gardens where the enthusiasts have flowers in abundance. I am thankful for neighbours who take the time to create all round flower havens.

As I sit in my garden I note it’s greenery, some shrubs with leaves yet to fall, but I note the lack of colour and flower. This is something I aim to rectify; reading about all year planting and, learning from this neighbours that obviously know. I have berries in abundance for the birds and am rewarded with a noisy space full of chatter.

A blackbird rifles through the leaves I have piled in the corner undoing my efforts but making me smile. A robin on the bricks that surround my oak sapling protecting it from my husbands energetic mowing come spring. Finally, a family of 4 sparrows sit and observe me from the pyracantha as I observe them, a shared moment in time when two species weigh each other up. They got bored with me long before I would have tired of them – long may it stay that way.

Time spent in a garden or spent in nature is good for the soul.

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